Benefits obtained from the Eco-Industrial Park

Benefit of economic
The economic benefits generated from the EPZ include job creation through the application of ecological solutions and industrial cooperation. Eco-industrial parks help increase the competitiveness of businesses because businesses in well-designed and well-administered IPs can make efficient use of resources, reduce waste, add value and minimize risks, as well as make the most of their resources. Utilize existing services, thereby saving production costs. Statistics show that eco-industrial parks have a higher ability to attract foreign direct investment. Indirect benefits brought by eco-industrial parks are difficult to quantify but play an important role in providing long-term economic benefits from indirect job growth through skill enhancement, technology transfer and training; enhance the credibility and increase the "demonstration impact" of best practices; thereby scaling up effective solutions.
Environmental benefits
Environmental benefits of eco-industrial parks are achieved through reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from more efficient use of resources (raw materials, water, energy) and waste reduction, reuse and recycling. , thereby contributing to the conservation and protection of local biodiversity. At the same time, the management of chemicals and hazardous substances in the eco-industrial park has been improved to increase environmental benefits and ensure a safe working environment for employees.
Social benefits
Social benefits from eco-industrial parks include increased local quality jobs through improved working conditions, increased engagement and benefits for the community, improved gender equality through job creation for women and improve facilities for female workers. The security work in the industrial park has been improved to help reduce crime and ensure the safety of workers. The IZ supports the surrounding community through social infrastructures such as vocational training centers that help develop skills and provide additional services to the community.

Project management

Mr. Le Thanh Quan National Project Director
Mrs. Vuong Thi Minh Hieu National Project Vice Director
Mr. Vo Dinh Hung National Project Coordinator

Project Office

Mrs. Nguyen Tram Anh National Technical Specialist
Mrs. Bui Hong Phuong National Project Specialist
Mrs. Do Hong Giang Project Accountant cum Administration

UNIDO headquarters

Mr. Alessandro Flammini UNIDO HQ Project Coordinator
Mrs. Styrsky Susane UNIDO HQ Project Accountant
Mrs. Muge Dolun UNIDO HQ Project Manager