15 Sep 2023

Eco-Industrial Parks at the 4th Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum 2023

On 15 September 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, the UNIDO delegation participated in the 4th Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum (HEF) with the theme “Green Growth - A Journey towards Zero Emissions”.

HEF is a major international event organized annually by the City Peoples Committee. HEF’s mission is to promote discussion and cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City, international partners, and experts on economic, social issues and development trends. Outcomes of the HEF are solutions that can shape the growth and development strategy for Ho Chi Minh City and other similar megacities.

In addition to the high-level session, a series of thematic sessions were held in the framework of the fourth HEF 2023. This is a platform for ministries, sectors, localities, scientists, researchers, enterprises, and representatives of the international organizations to share opinions and viewpoints about solutions which could be considered in the socio-economic development policies of Ho Chi Minh City. UNIDO was represented by Mr. Klaus Tyrkko, the Chief Technical Advisor of the Global Eco Industrial Park Programme (GEIPP). Mr. Tyrkko participated in the plenary session on “Eco-system of Circular Economy and Green Growth Domestic and International Experience in striving to achieve net-zero”, where he introduced and shared his global experience on Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) interventions.

The participation of UNIDO in the key discussion sessions at HEF 2023 has reaffirmed the role of UNIDO as well as the significance of EIP development demand in Viet Nam. UNIDO’s presence has brought insights and valuable lessons about EIP as a green and circular practice, which has contributed significantly to policy making and economic development for Ho Chi Minh City. 

The UNIDO delegation also joined the Opening Ceremony of HEF 2023 and meetings with leaders of Vietnamese and international organizations, experts, and CEOs of corporations applying or operating green and circular economy principles in Viet Nam and around the world.

The fourth Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum 2023 (HEF 2023) took place from 13 to 17 September 2023, with 1,500 domestic and foreign guests discussing green growth and emissions reduction through 6 main topics (i) Green growth and circular economy development trends for megacities like Ho Chi Minh City; (ii) Building the ecosystem of the circular economy model in the context of aiming to reduce emissions to zero; (iii) Policies in building green growth towards the goal of zero emission reduction and corporate mission; (iv) Resources in circular economy development towards the goal of zero emission reduction and corporate mission; (v) Lessons and international experiences to promote green growth and circular economy; (vi) The current situation of Ho Chi Minh City and solutions in the process of applying the green growth model.

Mr Klaus Tyrkko presented the GEIPP/UNIDO support and cooperation with Hiep Phuoc IP and HCMC authorities on 16 September 2023 at Xuan Mai Paper Company in Hiep Phuoc IP, Ho Chi Minh City.