12 Sep 2023

Signing Ceremony of the Industrial - Urban Symbiosis Cooperation Agreement between Dinh Vu Industrial Park Company and Hai An District Police in Hai Phong City

On 12 September 2023 in Hai Phong City, the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and UNIDO coordinated with the Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority (HEZA) to organize an experience exchange programme. The purpose was to witness the signing of an industrial-urban symbiosis cooperation agreement between Dinh Vu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company and Hai An District Police.

Participating in the meeting were representatives from the MPI’s Department of Economic Zones Management; HEZA; the Police of Hai Phong City; the Police of Hai An District; Municipal Fire Protection Police Department; City Military Command; Hai An District Peoples Committee; IP developers (Deep C and Nam Cau Kien Industrial Parks); Flat Vietnam Company; and Shinetsu Vietnam in Deep C IP. A delegation from Indonesia including representatives from relevant agencies participating in the UNIDO Global EIP Programme in Indonesia also attended the event.

Mr. Bui Ngoc Hai, the Deputy Head of HEZA, expressed his sincere thanks to the representatives from the MPI and relevant agencies. Mr. Hai highly appreciated the role and effectiveness of EIP development as well as industrial symbiosis. He said that developing eco-industrial parks was an inevitable choice for Viet Nam, a competitive advantage for businesses, and a new requirement of the global development process. Mr. Hai emphasized that EIPs enable businesses to gain a new competitive position, promote the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI), and open many opportunities for cooperation and investment within businesses and between businesses and industrial zones, thus benefitting the circular economy.

Industrial symbiosis and urban-industrial symbiosis activities in Deep C IP have been implemented very effectively, thereby helping investors save significant quantities of valuable resources. This was done by recycling waste and wastewater into by-products and contributing to sustainable environmental protection in the IPs and surrounding communities.

Ms. Diep Kim Hoan, Head of Sustainable Development and Environment Department, Dinh Vu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company presented the results of industrial symbiosis at Deep C IP

Ms. Diep Kim Hoan, Head of the Sustainable Development and Environment Department at Dinh Vu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company, said that industrial symbiosis has been successfully implemented in Deep C Industrial Park through projects including: sharing prevention activities fire-fighting (industrial-urban symbiosis), implementing rooftop solar power, reusing waste as filling materials, reusing treated wastewater, and continuing to research other industrial symbiosis activities in the future.

Mr. Doan Manh Hung, Deputy Chief of Hai An District Police delivered the keynotes prior the Signing Ceremony

Mr. Doan Manh Hung, the Deputy Head of Hai An District Police, said that the signing of cooperation ceremony contributes to optimising the means of fire prevention, fighting, and rescue, and is a solution for urban industrial symbiosis in Hai Phong. Mr. Hung pledged to direct the fire prevention, fighting, and rescue forces of Hai An District Police to strictly implement this agreement.

Signing regulations on coordination and cooperation on industrial-urban symbiosis

On the same afternoon, the Vietnamese and Indonesian delegations visited the industrial symbiosis activities in Deep C Industrial Park and Flat Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Deep C IP. There, they saw the wind power system and wastewater treatment plant at Deep C IP. On 13 September 2023, the delegation visited Nam Cau Kien IP and Tan Thuan Phong Company at Nam Cau Kien IP.