08 Oct 2023

UNIDO experts introduce the eco-industrial parks (EIPs) concept in curricula of graduate students of the Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE).

UNIDO project experts presented on the development of eco-industrial parks in Vietnam to 47 graduate students of the Department of Environment at HUNRE.

Ms. Nguyen Tram Anh, National Technical Specialist, representative of GEIPP-Vietnam project, discussed:

-       The formation and development of EIPs around the world

-       The development of EIPs in Vietnam and UNIDOs support for the transition of conventional industrial parks to EIPs

During the class, the graduate students recognized the practical benefits of applying the EIP in environmental management of the production and business activities in industrial parks. Students expressed their desire to know more about practical tools to support the transition from conventional industrial parks (IPs) to EIP, such as for industrial symbiosis implementation or the specific challenges that Vietnamese IPs face when transitioning to EIP. 

After the discussion, Mr. Vu Van Doanh, Vice-Dean of the Department of Environment at HUNRE, appreciated the content of the discussion and expressed the desire of the Department of Environment for closer cooperation with UNIDO to strengthen the academic curricula and make them more suitable for today’s challenges in the area of EIPs and greening the Vietnamese industry. These are very relevant subjects of the course in Environmental Management of Urban, Industrial Parks, and Crafts and of the course in Environmental Management in Production, Business and Services.