24 Oct 2023

The Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Head of Economic Development Cooperation of Switzerland visits the Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park.

Based on the positive cooperation results between the Swiss Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO), UNIDO and the MPI in the period 2020-2023 on supporting EIP transition in Vietnam, on 24 October 2023, the Secretary of State and Head of Economic Development Cooperation of Switzerland visited Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, one of the 3 industrial parks supported by the Global Eco-Industrial Park Programme in Vietnam (GEIPP-VN). The delegation also visited the Xuan Mai Paper Factory, one of the enterprises supported by the GEIPP-VN.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary of State and Head of Economic Development Cooperation, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and the SECO’s delegation, leaders of the Department of Economic Zones Management of MPI, leaders of Ho Chi Minh City Park Management Authority, representatives of the Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park Joint Stock Company, and UNIDO representatives.

At the meeting, Mr. Giang Ngọc Phuong illustrated the results of the project "Eco-Industrial Park Intervention in Viet Nam" funded by SECO in the period 2020-2023 for Hiep Phuoc IP. The project supported the assessment of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production for 31 enterprises, identifying 300 solutions, 7 industrial symbiosis solutions and 4 urban industrial symbiosis solutions. Thereby, it is estimated this will help businesses save more than 93 billion VND/year, reduce the consumption of more than 200 thousand m3 of water and the emission of 28.5 thousand tons of CO2eq/year.


Mr. Le Thanh Quan, General Director of the Department of Economic Zones Management, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Director of the GEIPP-VN project, discussed the results of the transition to eco-industrial parks in recent years, and affirmed that Vietnam is a leader country within the Global Eco-Industrial Park Programme, with pilot parks like Hiep Phuoc showing impressive results. This result was achieved thanks to the support of Switzerland, the technical expertise of UNIDO, and the awareness of governmental management authorities and businesses of the eco-industrial parks concept.

Mr. Werner Gruber, Head of Cooperation at the Swiss Embassy in Vietnam, echoed Mr. Le Thanh Quans assessment, expressing SECOs deep admiration and appreciation for the recent results achieved by the Project in supporting industrial parks. These results demonstrate the benefits of eco-industrial park transition activities, both environmentally and economically.


Mr. Gruber also expressed his hope that the Project will continue to support industrial parks in Vietnam in their transition to eco-industrial park models, with a focus on removing policy barriers to the implementation of industrial symbiosis solutions, such as the reuse of treated wastewater and rooftop solar solutions for businesses and industrial parks.

To conclude the meeting, Mr. Dominique Paravicini, Swiss Federal Councilor for Economic Affairs, emphasized the significance of supporting Vietnams transition to the eco-industrial park model, one of Switzerlands key cooperation programs in the country. This transition fosters sustainable development by balancing economic, environmental, and social impacts. He expressed his hope that Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park and other industrial parks supported by the Global Eco-Industrial Park Programme would become exemplary models for other industrial parks in Vietnam.


Visiting at Xuan Mai Paper Company