09 03 2023

The national study tour to Khanh Phu Industrial Park in Ninh Binh Province and Deep C IP in Hai Phong City

Back-to-back with the Project Steering Committee meeting of the project “Eco-Industrial Park intervention in Vietnam”, a national study tour was conducted to two industrial parks: Khanh Phu IP (Ninh Binh) and Dinh Vu IP (Deep C Hai Phong) on 9 and 10 March 2023. The field visit aimed at sharing practical experience and enhancing the common understanding of appropriate solutions contributing to the EIP transition between the selected IPs in the Project.

The national study tour saw the participation of representatives of the Ministries of Planning and Investment, Industry and Trade, Science and Technology; IP Authorities of Hai Phong, Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho; representatives of IP developers: Dinh Vu (Deep C), Amata, Hiep Phuoc, Hoa Khanh and Tra Noc 1&2; UNIDO Headquarters and UNIDO Vietnam.

EIP development in Ninh Binh province

During the meeting with the delegation, Mr Bui Duy Quang, Head of Ninh Binh IPA provided an overview on the current development orientation of Ninh Binh province by 2030, with a total of 11 industrial parks to be developed. The province plans to invest 75 million VND in the period 2023-2025 to retrofit the existing infrastructure of Khanh Phu Industrial Park to become EIP and encourage tenant companies in the industrial park to develop industrial symbiosis opportunities.

A successful case of industrial symbiosis 

During the field visit at Khanh Phu IP in Ninh Binh Province on 9 March 2023, the delegation visited Ninh Binh Industrial Gas Joint Stock Company in Khanh Phu IP.

The Ninh Binh Industrial Gas Joint Stock Company in Khanh Phu IP was visited as one successful industrial symbiosis opportunity identified by UNIDO in the period 2018-2019. Today, liquefied CO2 is produced in Khanh Phu IP by using input from the emission of the Ninh Binh Fertilizer Plant, thus greatly contributing to reducing GHG emissions. This industrial symbiosis has been in operation for almost 2 years, and 6,000 m3 CO2/hour are exchanged between the two companies. According to the investors calculation, the use of the above input contributes to reducing over 74 Kt of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. The investor is currently planning to increase the capacity to 12,000 m3 of CO2/hour. This is a very high impact IS developed with the support of the UNIDO EIP project, which took around 4 years to materialize.

During the site visit, Mr. Susan Christian, GEIPP Programme Manager, highly appreciated the industrial symbiosis measure of the company. He emphasized that this is an excellent example of successful implementation of industrial symbiosis and other businesses should learn from this experience and apply it to their own reality.

Thành công từ nâng cao nhận thức về hiệu quả chuyển đổi KCN sinh thái tại Việt Nam

The delegation at Ninh Binh Industrial Gas Joint Stock Company


Hai Phong developing EIPs towards eco-city

Working with the delegation, Mr Bui Ngoc Hai, Deputy Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Authority, shared the current development of industrial parks and economic zones in Hai Phong. Currently, there are 2 IPs on the transition into EIP, namely DEEP C and Nam Cau Kien IPs. It is planning to develop more EIPs by 2025. In such a vivid development, the city realizes that the EIP development will be a prerequisite condition for Hai Phong to accelerate the investment attraction and sustainable economic development to become an eco-city in the near future.

Thành công từ nâng cao nhận thức về hiệu quả chuyển đổi KCN sinh thái tại Việt Nam

The delegation at Deep C IP (Hai Phong)


Ms. Melissa Slabbaert, representative of DEEP C Hai Phong IP, said that DEEP C currently has 5 IPs, including 3 IPs in Hai Phong and 2 IPs in Quang Ninh. The goal is to move all of them towards EIPs. DEEP C realizes the importance of the EIP model to bring economic, environmental and social benefits for all parties. Currently, DEEP C Hai Phong Industrial Park has encouraged 18 tenant companies to join the UNIDO EIP project. She also highly appreciated the active support of the EIP project and technical experts in providing the capacity building activities, hands-on training and effective support towards technological solutions.

As the selected IPs, the representatives of AMATA Industrial Park (Dong Nai) and Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park (Ho Chi Minh City) highly appreciated the positive results of DEEP C IP in the EIP transition.

During the discussion, the participants suggested the Government should soon issue further specific guidelines for businesses to effectively implement the EIP transformation.

A case study on resource efficient and cleaner production

The delegation visited Shin-Etsu Company Ltd. in Deep C IP (Hai Phong), one of 18 tenant companies applying the RECP solutions.

Mr. Hideyuki Sakashita, General Director of Shin-Etsu Company introduced its rare earth magnet manufacturing technology, which is applied in transportation equipment, robots, civil electricity, aircraft etc. In Vietnam, the Company invests in a closed and circular production line from raw materials to finished products. During the production process, the defective/damaged parts and by-products are recycled.

As a leading enterprise in manufacturing high-tech products, Shin-Etsu Vietnam always aspires to improve systems, processes and technologies to save resources, reduce net emissions, towards sustainable development in the future.

Mr. Hideyuki Sakashita said that they participated in UNIDOs EIP Project from April 2022 to February 2023. Within 10 months the project identified 14 RECP solutions. Shin-Etsu Vietnam has reviewed and implemented 12 of the 14 proposals, thus improving its resource use efficiency.

Thành công từ nâng cao nhận thức về hiệu quả chuyển đổi KCN sinh thái tại Việt Nam

The delegation at Shin-Etsu Co. Ltd. (Deep C IP, Hai Phong)

At the end of the national study tour, the delegation highly appreciated the project achievements and efforts of the project and of related partners, including the industrial park management authorities, IP developers and tenant companies.

Agenda of the event